Leadership Quick Scan

The ultimate leadership tool

Patrick Verschelde

Recognizing your strenghts and growth potentials

The Leadership Quick Scan is a professional leadership test that has won its spurs in professional personnel management for years.

Recognizing your strengths and growth potentials is an absolute must as a manager.

With the Leadership Quick Scan, you get hold of a professional instrument that will quickly convince both yourself and others. In addition, the online coaching in the report allows you to work goal-oriented on opportunities that are just there lying for you to make you more successful.

Try it now for free and decide later if you want the full report with my coaching for you!

Patrick Verschelde

You’re ambitious?

Do you want to have success? Do you want to get ahead?
That’s the spirit! The Leadership Quick Scan will surely help you on your way!

I give you a plan to improve your strengths and grow where needed to become a more decisive leader in these hectic and demanding times.

The road to the top is long, but I’ll show you the shortest route and give you the right baggage for your journey to success. As a matter of fact: knowledge is power, and self-knowledge is fundamental. But do you know yourself?

The Leadership Quick Scan not only gives you an idea of your strengths and weaknesses as a leader but also lets you discover how you can grow into a successful manager in your proper organization with its demands and challenges. Discover now how you can make a difference!


Leadership Quick Scan


Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment - Lao Tzu

To be successful, we must constantly evolve.

My purpose is to get you mobilized and motivated and support you in the growth process to success.

Discover more in What:




Did you know that watchmakers wrote the first management books? 

They looked at an organization as a watch with smoothly geared cogwheels.

But, of course, our world has changed a lot.

The Leadership Quick Scan is the result of the new management insights ever since.

Discover more:

The origin

Quick and beneficial

You get insights you didn't dare to expect in less than a quarter of an hour. 

And a first view is for free. If you want to grow as a leader, you can order the full report for only euro.

Now, fill out the Leadership Quick Scan for free and immediately get your first new insights.

Try now for free

The benefits of the Leadership Quick Scan for you

  • Find out what you're worth and start generating more success.
  • Get concrete insights and practical suggestions for more success in your situation.
  • Determine if your style is what your organization needs. And vice-versa.
  • Fast, extensive reporting and very affordable.
  • For your eyes only.


What do I have to do to get my personal leadership profile

Just click on "try now for free," and our platform will direct you to a safe environment (e-Quest. be) where you give your idea about 40 statements. In the end, you get a quick view of your profile. If you want the full report, you can buy this for only 45 euro.

How is the full report build up ?

The comprehensive report has the following chapters:
- explanation about the different management styles
- your results (numerical scores, graphic representation of the results, descriptive comments on the way you scored,...)
- a detailed description of your management style
- a personal SWOT analysis based on the underlying behavioral competencies
- your personal development tips to be even more successful as a manager
- the SWOT analysis of your management style in light of the growth phase in which an organization finds itself

Who develloped the Leadership Quick Scan

Patrick Verschelde developed the Leadership Quick Scan in 2002.

As an expert in human resources and psychodiagnostic (Ph.D.), he worked out this test to give managers a view on their thinking about leadership and particular assistance in how they could become more successful.

After having supported several thousands of executives through their organization and his team, he now makes this tool available to you personally.

Is this only for top managers?

No, the survey itself and the resulting report are structured to be valid and valuable for anyone who directs other individuals, from the first management level to the CEO level.

How many people have used this instrument

The Leadership Quick Scan was launched in 2002, and ever since, over 3000 managers have been able to give their career a boost with the Leadership Quick Scan.

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